Feast of Tabernacles

Bacolod City, Philippines 2018

This year Baguio City will again be the site for the Feast of Tabernacles in the Philippines.

Baguio City has been a Festival site for the Church of God since the late 1960s. One reason is the much cooler weather compared with the rest of the country. The city is also called the summer capital of the Philippines.  

Though Baguio City is about 250 kilometers (155 miles) north of Manila the travel time has improved because of the expansion of the three (NLEX, SCTEX and TPLEX) expressways from Manila. Right now, from the main entry in Manila to Baguio City, travel time is now only about 4 hours using a private vehicle. The elevation of Baguio City is 1400 meters (4590 feet) above sea level, and one can expect occasional light rains in October.

There are many sites that can be visited, such as the Philippine Military Academy (the West Point of the Philippines) and Camp John Hay (a former U.S. facility that has been converted into a sprawling economic and tourist zone). Baguio also has a world-class golf course that has been in existence for more than 100 years. Additionally, there are many native places of local culture and museums that can be visited. Anyone can also view the Mansion House, the summer retreat of the President of the Philippines.

The Festival services will be held in the High Point Boutique Inn and Restaurant in the city. The site which is along the left side of Kennon Road is about 2.5 km before the Baguio General Hospital.

The Church has reserved the hotel for the duration of the feast.

The hotel can house 90 people though many of the beds are allocated for the seniors and people with disabilities, the rest of the beds cost 1,000 php per person per day; this includes three meals a day.

Other members can opt to stay in nearby housing that can be rented. There are fine hotels available as well. This year all the Filipino brethren will be attending in Baguio. It is a wonderful time to meet all the brethren of the Church of God a Worldwide Association in the country. Since the site is a tourist destination a lot of fresh vegetables and local fruits like guavas, mangoes and lanzones are available.

Festival activities will include a variety show, city tour, as well as activities for our seniors and youth.

The Sabbath evening Opening Night Service will start at 7 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 23.

For further information, please contact Eriz Dizon at eriz.dizon@cogwa.org.